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Are you Feeling Today?

Poster Design

Birmingham, UK.

In the chaotic rhythm of modern life, the “Are you feeling ok?” poster project stands as an invitation to pause and contemplate. At its heart lies a juxtaposition— the cherub, an emblem of Renaissance art, embodies tranquillity and innocence, captured in a moment of introspection.

However, amidst the ethereal beauty of classical art, the intrusion of graffiti disrupts the calm, signifying the raw, unfiltered nature of our reality. This clash of eras symbolizes our current societal disposition.

The title challenges viewers to confront their emotional state, prompting a crucial question: Are we truly acknowledging our feelings, or are we merely seeking refuge in distractions?

It’s a reminder to embrace introspection, urging us to take a moment and assess our emotional well-being amidst the constant noise of everyday life.

It’s a compassionate call to embrace introspection, acknowledging the importance of mental well-being.

Your voice matters—speak your truths, knowing you’re not alone and that you are cherished.

I speak my truths. 🖤

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