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Designer, Lecturer & Creative Spirit

So Who am I?

Hello there, Lisa here!

​I am a British designer with a passion to turn inspiration and visions into creativity. I am mainly involved with graphic design related subjects; however, I'm always looking for ways to turn inspiration and visions into something tangible. My forte is Logo Design and Brand Identity but I also specialise in Photo editing.

​As a designer, I strive to being creative and enthusiastic in all projects, while providing a professional design solution for clients. My portfolio is full of diverse designs - from professional to fun - so let me help you make your project stand out!

The Timeline


I finished college in 2013 lost in a world full of sudden change. I had my passions for Art & Design and an anxious demeanor about starting University.


Through countless hours of research into my future, I unearthed the mysterious and elusive role of the Graphic Designer. This became a comforting new reality where I could turn my hobbies into a job.


Anxiously landing my first 9 to 5 job, I soon realised I wanted to be my own boss.

I started freelancing on various projects while studying for my degree, while also holding down my full time job. With the stress and anxiety piling on, I came to the realisation that my design journey could not remain behind that desk.

With this new found knowledge, I knew I wanted run my own business. To be able to give back to younger designers or students discovering their role with the design life.


Graduating with a 1st Class in Graphic Design, I was so proud of my journey and skill development over the years, excited to start my journey in the design world.

The pandemic created an amazing opportunity of time to begin working on my own business.

2 years later, my design studio began it's journey.

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