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Branding Design and Packaging

Welcome to Aftercare, a design dedicated to providing new mothers with the support they need during the postpartum period.


Our mission is to make this transition as comfortable and stress-free as possible, so that new moms can focus on bonding with their newborns. Our design includes a range of products, from postpartum care kits to breastfeeding aids, all carefully crafted with the needs of new mothers in mind.

The aim of this Passion Project was to create a fictional brand that catered to caring for new mothers. 

With the ease of joys that comes to new mothers, they also face the unfortunate lows in which affect their bond with their child. Physical and mental pains can grasp mothers in the blink of an eye. 

This brand aims to provide love, care and guidance, drawing awareness to real stories and issues that may arise, but also help provide natural products and advice for mothers and children.

Birmingham, UK.


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