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Birmingham, UK.


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Breathe was created in a time where panic and stress filled the streets because of Covid-19. It was designed as a reminder to relax your mind and soul through dark times. The sun will rise.

Drawing awareness to the importance of mental health, I explore to the feelings of anxiety attacks.

The slow growing sense of dread, breathlessness and panic. The loss of all sense of their surroundings, the panic engulfs them as their heart beats outside of their chest. Through their eyes, the world spins out of control.

Unable to speak, encumbered with the sinking loneliness felt in this moment of darkness; dragged deeper into the depths of darkness while trying to catch a breath. The overpowering sense panic grows as they lose focus of the world aroud them as their gaze averts to the floor.

This can't be it...

I don't want to die right now...

All of this, happening, while the world is none the wiser.

Just breathe... I say to myself.

It will be over soon.

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