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Looking for Mentorship?

Whether you're a student or fellow designer, we all need help and advice at some point on our journey.

I've worked as a Lecturer at Univeristy level and taught GCSE/A Level and Degree level students, therefore know of the workload involved.


Get in touch to book a 1-1 and we can work through your design process together to come up with a creative outcome.

Art & Design Mentoring

Calling all Students looking for advice with their Art based projects! I am here to help!


We will explore in our session your Project Brief, discuss/ develop a path of ideas & gain advice on how to apply your skills to your project.I can't wait to explore your project with you!



Creative Pow Wow

Struggling for inspiration or ideas? Come pick my brains! I am waiting to instil some creative power to you.

No matter how small or big the idea, if you would like guidance or advice to take your idea to the next steps, drop me a message here and lets get exploring your project.

Need Designs?

Is your Brand looking for a new Brand Identity to make their mark? You've come to the right place.

Drop me a message and we can discuss your ideas further.

My expertise lies within Graphic Design, (Logo Design & Branding) however my knowledge extends a wide range of Digital and Analogue Design subjects.


Here are a few but not limited to:

-Art History


-Logo Design
-Design techniques
-Effective Mindmaps and Moodboards
-Project Planning
-Digital Design
-Fine Art

-Tutorials: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign


No time like the present, drop me a message and lets start looking at your project together :)

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